Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Mucho bass cabinets

FOR SOME REASON bass cabinets for sale are popular right now. We have three in Second String Music, two Ampegs and a Hartke. Sheryl says she is noticing more bass and guitar cabs for sale in the online groups. The cabinet houses the speakers (usually four to eight) and you need an amp head to run the speakers.

Three bass cabs in this photo alone, from small to large.

Bass cabinets are awesome if you want to shake the ground and really feel the rumble. The issue is that if you play around here, you rarely need a big old bass cabinet. They are nightmares to move and store, unless you have room in the basement and don't have to cart it around.

The older I get the simpler my rig gets for guitar. I was torn between getting a new Princeton Reverb amp and a Fender Deluxe. The Deluxe had more juice, but the Princeton sounds amazing if not quite as loud. Do we really need more volume on stage? Not if the amp is off the ground and aimed up at you. So I've finally decided on the Princeton. I think.

The bass cabinets are right at the front of the store, for two reasons: 1. Easy to see when you first walk in, and 2. Don't have to move it very far when you buy it.

Come on by and check 'em out!

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