Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Making Christmas right

HERE'S A STORY about messing up, redemption and make Christmas Day the best day ever.

A few weeks ago a mother came in and bought an awesome Fender Squier guitar pack. It was for her 15-year-old son. It comes in a big box with an electric guitar, amp, cord, strap and picks. It's everything you need to get started with a quality electric guitar.

It was a Thursday, I was in lessons and Sheryl was helping a bunch of people, and somehow the box didn't get double-checked. The mom got home, put the box in the closet and got it out on late Christmas Eve, only to discover the guitar wasn't in the box - everything else was there.

She sent us a Facebook message late Monday night. She was understandably distraught - it was the only big present she was getting for her son, and never underestimate how hard moms work and how much it means to get the perfect gift for their child.

We saw the message first thing yesterday morning and immediately contacted her. We arranged to come to her home in Hannibal with the missing guitar, and Santa decided we needed to do a little bit more. The young man has two younger siblings, so the mom had already arranged for a nice note from Santa to be sitting in a guitar stand explaining why the guitar was coming a little later - Santa can be busy on Christmas eve, you know!

So Sheryl and I went down there, and we brought the young man a really nice Fender gig bag, a tuner, a chords and scales book, picks and another Fender strap. And I gave him a free lesson. The young man got an acoustic guitar from us last year and he is already a pretty good player, and he's going to have a blast on his shiny new electric guitar.

Look. It shouldn't have happened in the first place and we aren't downplaying that. Sheryl apologized profusely and promised to make it as "better as possible." The guitar probably got taken out for us to display, because I remember checking them all when they arrived. But if this had happened with an online order, or purchased from a big box store out of town, we guarantee it wouldn't have ended the same way.

What a great young man and family! We had a blast visiting with them on Christmas morning. And, to top it off, we got to stop at the 18-Wheeler on the way home and have a late Christmas morning breakfast. So it all worked out and our Christmas was all the merrier.

We aren't perfect. But we try our best to make you, our Second String Music customers, our priority, and we strive to make it right.

Have a great rest of the Christmas season!

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