Thursday, December 20, 2018

Strange Persons Day

WE GET A lot of characters coming into Second String Music. Yesterday was a good day for characters. It's a polite way of saying it was "Strange Persons Day" at Fifth and Maine.

We aren't complaining, and Christmas has rocked so far. We had guitars flying out of here in the afternoon and I'm sure we'll be busy the rest of the week. We are open until 6 on Christmas Eve, too.

Anyway, one of the more unique people was an older guy interested in a 12-string guitar. Out of the blue he started telling us about how we could solve the immigration "crisis" in our country.

"Every 18-year-old who comes into the country has to raise their right hand and gets immediately sworn into the service," he said. "Their wives can get jobs and learn skills and learn English. They serve two years, and they go overseas to Iraq or Iran or Afghanistan and our boys can come home and have a break. Then they can get out and they can buy a nice house and they are American citizens."

Also, if you desert you get shot because that is how they did it in WWI. There were a few other rules but we'll spare you the details. He promised to come back and buy a 12-string and a case ...

Another interesting person was an older woman who came in looking for "that thing that June Carter Cash played. It has strings and buttons and you moved your arm up and down like this to play it."

Sheryl and I weren't sure exactly what she was talking about. Later we figured it may have been an autoharp, but we still aren't sure. When we told her we didn't have anything like that in the store, she rolled her eyes and looked at us like we were from Pluto, wheeled around and left in a huff.

NOT representative of our
wonderful customers.
I think there were a few others. Also, this morning a young man came in and asked what time "the other music stores open." Are there other music stores in Quincy? "Oh, yes. I think there are at least three or four of them," he said.

Well. We wouldn't know. We are just trying to keep it together during the crazy Christmas season.

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