Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Angus is an uncle again

ANGUS HAS BEEN acting up lately. He's growly and restless and rolls on his back more than usual. It finally dawned on us that Angus is excited about being an uncle again, because his sister, Jess The Cowboy Corgi, had seven puppies early this morning. Could there be such a thing as a sympathetic pregnancy in dogs?

Angus is proud as punch and the puppies are cuter than, well, should be allowed. Sheryl keeps talking about adding another puppy to the mix but we have our hands full with two cats and three dogs. Still, Tucker and Genie are getting older .... and Sheryl says she wants the one with a flame on its forehead!

Jess lives just east of town on a farm where she and Angus were born. Her human reports that mom and the puppies are doing well. Cowboy Corgis are in demand and will find good homes. Sheryl will remain on the waiting list for a boy until we have room in the house.

Congrats, Jess! She's a great mom and relieved the whole pregnancy thing is done. I think this is her second litter.

Cowboy Corgis rock! Come see Angus at Fifth and Maine during the day and he'll tell you all about it.

Puppy pile, and Angus is thrilled!

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