Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Simba finds a new home

SECOND STRING MUSIC is far more than a music store. We also help kittens find new homes.

Two of our three dogs are official rescues and adoptions. We encourage adoption and visiting your local humane society to find your new pet. We are not in the business of pet adoption. But ....

A store customer recently posted on social media about having kittens. Sheryl, of course, thought they were the cutest things ever. Of course they are! But we have two perfect cats and no more room for a kitten.

We have another store customer who expressed interest in getting a little kitten. Well, we are a full-service music store and Sheryl loves to make people happy when possible. 

So she got them to meet for the first time at the store with the kitten, a boy named Simba. The new owners fell instantly in love with Simba and he seemed as ease in their arms. Our guess is that there are a lot of cat cuddles and massive exploring the new house going on right now!

Simba's former owner is happy, the new owners are happy, and it once again proves that the world is a better place with pets. Rock on, Simba! We are glad you have a great new home.

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