Friday, August 2, 2019

Outdoor shows

FOR WHATEVER REASON, and maybe it's because we are living right, The Cheeseburgers are playing in perfect weather tonight for the Quincy Park District's concert series in Washington Park.

It's our third straight year by the gazebo, and we love it, one of our favorite gigs of the year. We set up in front of the gazebo, not on it, so we aren't so distanced from everybody. This obviously isn't as big at Blues In The District, but it is free and you can bring a cooler and rock out with us.

Our friends Soul Shaker were rained out earlier this summer, and two weeks ago poor Raised On Radio played when it was 100 degrees in the shade, and they did a good job in almost unbearable heat.

Any outdoor show is dictated by weather - if it's nice, people will show up. Tonight it will be in the 70s by the time we hit our stride, and the humidity is way down too. We are supposed to play from 7 to 8 p.m., but it will be more like 6:30ish to at least 9. If we are going to lug all that stuff out, we're gonna stay out and make it worth our while.
The Cheesy burgers

I love outdoor shows in good weather. You'll get more kids and families, and you can sit as close or as far away as you like. Drummer Kirk Gribler owns our sound system and he dials it in every time so it's not too loud, but you can clearly hear everything.

You also gotta love a gig where I literally walk across the street from work to go play.

Tomorrow night we do it all over again for a private party up near Mendon, and it promises to be glorious again when it comes to the weather.

Bring some bug spray, a chair and/or blanket, and enjoy the dog days of summer while getting Cheesey. See you in Washington Park tonight!

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