Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Open til when?

SO HOW IS your morning going?

So far, I've gotten well-deserved grief for misplacing a salt shaker, a man wondered why we were open from 10 a.m. to 6 a.m., and another customer forgot his infant child after buying viola stuff.

The other day Sheryl asked me to find some lint rollers. They were in an upper kitchen cabinet. I found them. Then I noticed the salt shaker. I put it up there a long time ago when grilling and forgot all about it. I put it back in a lower cabinet, but forgot to tell her it had been found.

"You mean I've gone without salt in my food for a month and it was up there the whole time?" Sheryl said. "By the way, Why did you put it back in the cabinet upside-down?" This was followed by a rant about her thinking she was nuts but in the end she is not nuts. Instead, I'm nuts.


There was a message on our store phone from a customer who wanted to know if we rented out drums and bass amps. We don't, but there are other options. I never got that far when I called the guy back because the first thing he says is, "Your website says you are open until 6 a.m."

I looked it up. It says we are open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. When I tried to explain that to him, he insisted it said 6 a.m. "It says you are open now," he said. Right. We were. Are. As usual.

Cute photo of puppies. Just because.
He rambled on for a few more minutes, and I finally ended the conversation by politely thanking him for the call. He called back a minute later and talked to Sheryl about the wrong hours on our website. That conservation was short and sweet and we were back to business, which has been very good in here lately.

Then we had a dad come in with his infant child in a car seat. He got some viola stuff while Sheryl tuned his older daughter's viola. He couldn't find his credit card and got a little bit panicked. Once found and item paid, he walked out to his car. He walked back in a few minutes later and looked white as a ghost. He had forgotten his child, in the car seat, sitting on the floor of our store...

"Oh. There's the baby," he said. "Also, can I take some of this cardboard on your sidewalk?"

Just another morning at Fifth and Maine. May your day be as interesting as ours, every day and all day, even until 6 a.m. Wait. It's 6 P.M. Ahhh, now we are better.

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