Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Puppy time

WE HAVE THREE dogs and two cats. Five pets is enough. The animals are awesome and we love them, but they shed a lot and one of them, and I won't mention any names but his initials are TUCKER, pooped all over the house and store last week. The family renting the violin wasn't impressed while he squatted and walked during his, uh, Tuck a Dump. Oh well - the carpets needed a deep steam cleaning anyway.

Recently Angus' sister, Jess, had her second litter of puppies. Sheryl has been on a waiting list for Jess' puppies. Yesterday Sheryl learned we are going to add a puppy to our dog and cat collection.

This is how it works. "I'm not sure if getting another dog is a good idea," I say. "It's a lot of work taking care of them, there's a lot of dog fur to vacuum up every day and when they get sick it can get expensive and messy. And if we want to get away for a few days it can be tough to find somebody to watch them."

"We are getting a new puppy!" Sheryl says. "Isn't it great? He is sooooo adorable!"

It is great. She is happy. So we are all happy. She has one picked out and we don't have a name yet, but even Angus is excited to have his nephew come live with us. Tucker and Genie tend to run together on our morning runs, and now Angus will have a fellow Cowboy Corgi to run with. And our cat, CoCo, was raised by Jess with her first letter, so she is technically the new puppy's sister. I think.

It will be six weeks before the newest addition comes to live with us. I'm sure Sheryl's Facebook page will be filled with pics of the little guy as he grows and gets closer to heading to his new forever home.

It's a home with five pets, soon to be six. It's only fur, and poop can be picked up and floors steam cleaned. But this one is IT. Really.

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