Thursday, September 19, 2019

Crazy days

I CAME OUT of giving a guitar lesson at 5:30 yesterday afternoon. Sheryl was helping two moms fill out violin rental paperwork at the counter. Another guy was waiting to exchange drum sticks. Another guy was buying a school band book. And another guy was playing guitar.

Welcome to mid-September at Second String Music and the culmination of school band rental season. It's going to be insane in here for the next couple of days. The most common thing we hear is "My child didn't tell me they needed this until the last minute." True, and that's why we are here.

We have help. Jean Murray is working for The Music Shoppe and will be in the store the next three days to help rent instruments. Steve Rees does his usual fine job with repairs, restrings and answering questions. I have a boatload of lessons today but I'm free most of tomorrow and Saturday to help.

Most of it falls on Sheryl because it involves paperwork and entering stuff into the computer. When I'm in the back giving lessons and she's alone on the floor, she takes it one person at a time and methodically ticks off the things needed to be done.

We are leaving the dogs at home in the afternoons because it's just too crazy. In fact, we might have to leave them home all day for the next few days, depending on how it goes. You know it's nutty around here when the dogs have to stay home.

We'll get through the next few days. We thank our loyal Second String Music customers and our school band parents for their business and patience during a hectic time. Let's have a great school year in band and orchestra!

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