Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Girl in a rock band

THE THEME THIS week is our guitar students who rock. This is one of my favorite stories, a tale about a girl who is playing with boys and embarking on a whole new musical adventure.

I won't mention any names but the girl's name is Sylvia. She's been taking lessons for a couple of years. Sylvia is very shy and says maybe three or four words a lesson, and that's if we really try hard to talk. Sylvia is in high school and she likes 90s grunge and classic rock. No wonder we get along!

Recently Sylvia joined a band. It's a bunch of boys from Quincy. Not sure how it happened but I bet the boys found out Sylvia is a pretty good guitar player. The name of the band is Spitball, which automatically puts them in the Second String Music Hall of Fame and ensures legendary status.

From Sylvia's brief description, the band tends to play heavier music, and they have original songs. Yes! Young people rocking out their own songs! If Spitball can get something going, it would be great.

Eight years ago we had a few younger bands doing their own things, but that scene dried up and you hardly ever get local original band music. Though there are still great solo players around. The Quincy band Fielder is back to play a show Oct. 11 for a party on Sixth Street, but they get together maybe once a year. We do have a thriving metal and harder-edged scene in Quincy, which we will talk about later in the week, but most of those bands have been around for a while.

There aren't many places left in town for original bands, and it's a tough road to hoe - it's hard enough being in a classic rock cover band getting people to actually care about what you are doing and playing, and cover bands are a whole different animal anyway.

Spitball is playing its first show Oct. 12 in Hannibal at the Star Theater with a bunch of other bands. Sylvia is excited and a bit nervous about playing out in front of people. They will be great! The only advice I gave her (other than not to stand right in front of her amp during practice) is to be herself and to not listen to the detractors and naysayers. Play the music you want to play and stay true to your visions, and have fun!

Sylvia is an excellent player who will get better and better. Here's to hoping we get more young people involved in playing their own music, playing for the love of music, and being appreciated for all their hard work and efforts.

Go Sylvia!

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