Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Best Father's Day Ever

SHERYL AND I had a great time Sunday with Emily and her girlfriend, Amy. They came down from Macomb with their recent addition, Stevie, a cattle dog mix rescue. Stevie had a blast playing with her new friends Malcolm, Angus and Genie. Angus took a little too much interest a couple of times but let's face it - he's just a dumb dog and it was all harmless fun.

Emily gave an oboe lesson at Second String Music and we went back to the Calftown hood to order takeout for lunch and sit in the shade. Sheryl gave a tour of the garden and the dogs followed them all around the yard.

For Father's Day, Emily got me a Forgottonia Brewery T Shirt and growler with some excellent Scotch ale. It didn't last long! Amy handed me a payday bar with pride. Then we headed back to the store and Amy tried out some guitars - she's a wonderful player and is discovering the joy of playing nicer electrics. I know somebody who could make her a pretty good deal ....

The point is we just hung out, and it was the best day ever. I am so proud of Emily, who is embarking on a huge adventure in a few months. She is taking a leave of absence as assistant professor of music at Western Illinois and moving to Rochester, New York, where she got her Master's from Eastman School of Music. She will get her doctorate at Eastman, a huge undertaking and major life decision.

A masters degree, a real job as a professor and starting the pursuit of a doctorate, all before age 30. Geesh. We may need another blood test to see if she is really mine.

Anyway, they managed to get out of the store just as the massive rains hit town and they made it back to Macomb without any issues.

Thank you Emily and Amy for making this old man feel special on Father's Day. Maybe it didn't seem like a big deal, but it was the best Father's Day ever and I am indeed fortunate to be Emily's dad.

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