Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Farewell Blu

MALCOLM'S FATHER, a handsome cattle dog Corgi named Blu, was killed in a hit-and-run incident yesterday. We met Blu a few times and we certainly see a lot of him in Malcolm. Blu and Jess (Angus' sister) had two litters and made beautiful babies. We feel lucky to have one of his offspring.

Jess (top) and Blu, Malcolm's parents.
Dogs in general are much smarter than humans and not tied down with stupid human vices, unless you count rolling in death and eating nasty substances on cemetery walks.

Malcolm is now more than nine months old, and he certainly has a lot of cattle dog in him, with the long legs and propensity to dig stuff up. Malcolm also has a ton of Corgi from his mother's side - a yelping bark and boundless energy. Then he'll crash hard and cuddle right up in your arms. Such a sweet disposition.

So it's a sad day for us and for everybody in the Rising E Ranch family. Sheryl and I consider the dogs and cats our kids, and it's never easy to say farewell. Blu lives on in our Malcolm and we are grateful he comes from such a diverse family.

Pray for Ms. Jess the Cowboy Corgi as she mourns the passing of her "husband." They had a short relationship but a fruitful one.

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