Friday, June 12, 2020

We've got the No Blues blues

TONIGHT WAS SUPPOSED to be the first Blues In The District of the summer. Washington Park is quiet today and our sidewalk, normally the life of the party during happy hour(s), is empty.

We've got the No Blues Blues. Sounds like a song or album or even band name. It really sucks and sometimes it seems like a bad dream. Sadly it's very real and pouting about it doesn't do any good, but I really miss it.

There is a virtual Blues in the District planned for June 19th. Watch and enjoy a cold beverage at home.

It also means no noon Blues show. The Butcher Block grills won't be rolling and people won't be sitting in the sun or shade listening to music and enjoying a beautiful early summer day.

Fortunately Cori and I (HartLyss) have our first gig in three months. We are playing Saturday night at Tipsy Bricks in Hannibal on their wrap-around porch. No doubt we'll be a bit rusty but Lisa and the crazy Hannibal girls are so much fun, and we've never had a bad show at Bricks. The weather is perfect and it could be greatest night of our lives - or maybe just a really fun gig.

It's outside so we feel relatively safe. I will still take social distancing precautions and be careful. There are times when we take for granted how fortunate we really are to play live music, so we feel grateful and appreciative of our awesome HartLyss followers and venues like Bricks.

At least the Farmer's Market is back up and running in Washington Park. Hopefully our bars and restaurants in Quincy can resume normal operations before the end of the month.

So have yourselves a rock and roll weekend! No blues to soothe us, but better days are ahead.

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