Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Mail

MORE THAN a week before Emily's birthday, I sent her a card with a little cash. I carefully wrote down her new address in Rochester, N.Y. I put the card in the mailbox across the street.

About 20 days later, it has yet to arrive.

Emily said, "Don't worry dad. Maybe it will still show up." Maybe. I'm not counting on it.

Apparently there has been slowdown in our U.S. Mail system. I have written thousands of letters and never, repeat, never, had a letter not get to its intended destination.

Maybe I wrote the address down wrong. Maybe it got stuck on something else and is in some distribution center. Maybe it got thrown away or chewed up by a machine or misplaced.

Who knows? It's just sad and I'm not sure there is anything I can do about it.

This year Sheryl signed us up to vote by mail. She's already sent her ballot in, by mail. Apparently you can track your vote to make sure it gets to the right place. 

I am not sure about putting it in the mail. I may just take it three blocks north to the county clerk's office and deliver it by hand. 

2020 can't end soon enough.

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