Friday, October 9, 2020

Small Business during a global pandemic

WE AREN'T SURE everyone know this but there is a global pandemic of COVID-19 circling the planet. It has contributed to the deaths of 211,000 people in the United States of America alone. The worldwide death toll is staggering. It is hard to comprehend that there are people that do not care about people dying from this virus. 

News flash - we care deeply that people are dying unnecessarily and we require that if you come into Second String Music, you wear a mask and socially distance. 

There are no exceptions. I'm sorry if that bothers you. Yes, Sheryl is a mean old bitch for requiring you to wear a mask before coming anywhere near her. Yes, Sheryl will ask you as politely as possible to stop in your tracks and make sure you have your mask on your face properly. She will even remind you to pop it up over your nose if it happens to slip down. We agree with you. It is annoying.

In our store you must wear a mask. You have other options for your musical needs and we are perfectly fine with that. Shop online if you refuse to wear a mask. Shop in the pawn shops over in Missouri if you refuse to wear a mask. We are done trying to make you understand how important this is to us.

Small business has always had its customer service challenges. Anyone that has worked retail can tell you some horror stories. In the year of COVID-19 those horror stories have taken a turn and become nightmares. Stop making us have to defend this decision and try to embrace this mask wearing phenomenon. I look a lot better in mine because it covers up most of my face. Sheryl like to say her nose looks great when she wears a mask.

Think for one moment how many people a small retail store are potentially exposed to in just one day. Then consider the owner has a condition that makes them more likely to die from this virus if they contract it. We are open, we are trying to be polite, and we support your town and musicians no matter how bad an attitude you may have about wearing a piece of cloth over your nose and mouth.

We believe in science. We care that none of our employees or customers contract the virus. If you can't care even a little about others, do not bring that to our store.

Mask up. Be safe. Have compassion and understanding for your fellow human beings. And let's hope we can all get through this to tell about it. 

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