Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Break a leg, Tucker

May I help you Ma'am?
I WENT UP to the fifth floor of our building yesterday afternoon to check on a broken window. Tucker, as he has many times, came with me. I took care of the window, then headed down. On the fourth floor landing I heard something, and then silence.

Tucker? Tucker? TUCK!


He flat out disappeared. I checked all the rooms on every floor. Sheryl came up to help, and we discovered a cable worker had been in the building. So we thought Tucker might have escaped.

I got in the car and started driving around downtown, then Sheryl called. Seems a guy who works in the building across the street saw Tucker on the roof of the adjoining building. Somehow he jumped out of an east window onto the roof - we think he may have seen a bird.

Sheryl crawled through the window, picked up the frightened dog, and noticed his front left leg was hanging funny and bloody. We took him to Dr. Drew Kaiser, and he got an x-ray then stayed overnight with a splint on his leg.

We are still waiting to hear if he'll need surgery, but he did break both small leg bones between what would be his wrist and elbow. He's in a splint and in pretty good spirits, and we are hoping he comes home today.

It's amazing. I put a post on Facebook about praying for dogs, and 100 people liked it, with another 60-plus leaving comments. That means a lot. It's just the three dogs and us in the house and they are basically our kids. We are grateful for all the support.

We'll keep you posted. We miss our buddy, and we just want him to get better and run like the wind again.

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