Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Politics, again

IT MUST BE political season. Sunday I drove past the Senior Center and there was a big Republican rally going on, signs everywhere, lots of flags and warmer temperatures at Seventh and York.

Finally, a candidate I can support!
This morning a big bus with "Bruce Rauner For Governor" on the side rolled down Maine Street. Actually, it's sucking up about 10 parking spaces across from the Washington Perk as we speak. Appropriate.

I am going to ask the driver if he needs gas. Then I'll direct him across the bridge into Missouri. It's 10 cents a gallon cheaper and you deprive the state of badly needed revenue for Chicago pot holes, etc.

Just so we are clear, I am equal opportunity bitter when it comes to politicians, and that means I generally don't care for Republicans or Democrats. Our two-party system might be the "best in the world," but I'm already sick of mudslinging and empty promises. And this is just primary season.

However, I will get out and vote. For the best candidates. Period.

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