Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday morning musings

HAPPY FEB. 14. Tomorrow, Sheryl and I celebrate our sixth-year anniversary of our first date. Thankfully that means we get to do fun stuff today like host a jam session at the store. The Cheeseburgers will be slogging through the snow Saturday and rocking Spirit Knob Winery, so put your boots on and come party with us.

- I'm watching the Olympics on my laptop this morning (before my free preview minutes ran out, our local cable company sucks, and I'm just going to be quiet now). Sweden is playing Switzerland in men's hockey. There are cheerleaders in the stands. Cheerleaders? And a British guy is calling the game. "Yes, the ice has been tidied up quite nicely during the recent stoppage." Right. Where's my fish and chips?

- I'd think about turning on the TV to watch the games. Wait. It's morning. That means we'd be stuck with NBC's terrific morning show. "Look. We are in Sochi. Aren't we great? Isn't it beautiful? What's the weather like, Al?" Heaven forbid they show anything live.

- I did have a blast playing open mic night at One last night. Two of my students, Bella and Sam, joined me for a couple of songs. Let the angels sing, and stay out of the way, old man .... And we unveiled our new kazoo band. Lisa Wigoda, Rae Rees and myself tore the house down with sterling renditions of "Baby Face," another song I can't remember, and "Hey Jude." People were crying by the end, maybe in hopes we'd be done soon. Sheryl says it was tears of laughter and joy. The kazoo is a powerful instrument! Just remember- hum, don't blow or suck.

- It was nice to see John and Kathy Hodge one last time before they move to Kansas. John just makes me laugh out loud. Oh, and he's the best guitar player, like, ever.

- The one night I decide to leave the car out, we get hit with snow. More panic in the Quincy streets. You know, when we get more than an inch of the white stuff.

- Well, I'm feeling better. It's Friday! I had another week of great guitar lessons, the store is humming along quite nicely, we are making progress on our second-floor renovations, and I don't miss the rear view mirror I broke backing my car out of the garage the other morning. Be careful out there, Q-Town.

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