Monday, February 24, 2014

No working guitars destoyed

WE HAD A smashing good time Saturday for Second String Music's third-year anniversary party. Greg Ellery and I competed in the finals of the Dropping Guitars From The Roof Of Second String Music, and the winner was .... well. If you weren't there, you'll have to see the Table 16 video coming out later this week.

We'll keep you posted.

Yes, we smashed real acoustic guitars. No, they did not work. Back in the fall we received a shipment of acoustic guitars we thought would be good beginner instruments. We quickly found out they were not playable - the necks were warped and the strings simply wouldn't press down on the fretboard. Instead of return them to the manufacturer we decided to have some fun with them.

We would never inflict these guitars on a new player. They. Did. Not. Work.

So Sheryl stripped all the usable parts, which are probably worth as much as the guitars. Now to smash them and use them for promotional purposes.

Last week, Second String Music did donate three, count 'em, THREE, real working guitars for auctions at local charitable events. And we are supporting a local service club's trivia night. AND we have our big Six String Heroes party coming up. So we know about giving back and supporting the people who support us.

In the end, we had some gravity-defying fun and nobody got hurt. Crash 'em up, cowboy!

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