Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The voice of God and the NFL draft

RECENTLY AN NFL prospect left the draft combine because he heard the voice of God. I am not making this up. Click here for the link.

One possible reason is the player doesn't want to be drafted because he wants to play for the Seattle Seahawks. Sure, why not? If you win the Super Bowl, you automatically get a good word with the Good Lord, so that makes sense.

The voice of God is one thing. NFL coaches and scouts are another. Can you say red flag and good luck in your civil career?

I'm a bit wary of people who claim they hear the voice of God. I'm not sure God actually speaks English, although I think it's an amendment to our Constitution that he does. I believe God speaks Everything.

In church last Sunday, we did a very interesting thing. Rev. Chuck Hetzler asked us to silently pray for one person in particular, and remember what we heard or saw while praying.

This person, who was in the room, then heard about our experiences. While some of the things that came out were general, others were direct and made perfect sense.

I believe that prayer is a very personal and powerful thing. And surely God can speak to us, just as a song or a painting or a sunset on Lake Michigan speaks to us.

And I thank God he did not tell me I was being drafted by the Lions.

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