Monday, February 17, 2014

Spirited crowd

THE CHEESEBURGERS PLAYED a tremendous show Saturday night at Spirit Knob Winery, located just north of Ursa, maybe a dozen miles north of Quincy. We weren't sure what to expect - we played a fun outdoor show there Labor Day Weekend, and it was packed.
Setting up at SK. Get back here NOW Frank!

But it snowed Saturday afternoon, and we thought maybe it would keep people away.

It didn't.

Spirit Knob is beautiful in any setting - a moonlit summer night, a warm Sunday afternoon, or even a frigid Saturday night in February. The main log cabin building is spacious enough, but put 100-plus people in there with the wine flowing, and it's like playing for 10,000 crazies.

We haven't played much this calendar year, so the band needed to let loose and it reminded us how much fun it is when the crowd wants to party and have a good time. It was worth feeling like a zombie Sunday after being run over by the rock and roll truck.

We also missed Frank Haxel, our roadie of doom, who had a prior commitment. It took us two hours to tear down, as opposed to 45 minutes to an hour. Get back here NOW Frank!

We are booking new shows all the time - we had several offers Saturday night for later in the year. Click here for the updated schedule. And yes ... we are working on new shirts for the Fairly Prominent 2014 Tour.

Up next is our big March 8 party for Six String Heroes at Turner Hall. Hope to see you there!

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