Friday, February 7, 2014

Judging the Cornerstone Dancing All Stars

Poor Julie!
TONIGHT IS THE annual Dancing With The Local Stars event at The Ambiance. It benefits Cornerstone, which offers mental health and counseling services. I danced in the first one and forgot half the routine on purpose so other teams could have a chance.

Then I was a judge two years ago, and missed last year because of a Cheeseburger gig. I'm back tonight as a judge for what they are billing as the All-Star edition. This has rapidly become THE event in Quincy to attend.

Kris Kutcher, who owns Kristopher's next to Second String Music, tried to bribe me with $3. Angie Asmann of Nu-Fit offered her free Pilates lessons. Casey Schnack-Shild smiled very sweetly and offered free defense counseling in case I blow the stop sign at Sixth and State again. Victoria Kelley promised me a role in her husband's upcoming movie or to let me score the soundtrack.

I am immune to such temptation. I will judge squarely on the merits of movement, enthusiasm and style. Buying me a lemonade wouldn't hurt, however.

Judging with me is Mayor Kyle Moore, who nearly won the first event with partner Lindsey Hess, and Susan Pierson of Media Development. I think we all agree that we are less about perfect movement and more about enthusiasm, imagination and having fun.

The crowd also has a large vote in the competition. It's more about raising money for a great cause and having fun than anything else, but I do have a piece of advice for the dancers.

Don't bring your weak stuff. And don't forget your routine. That only works for people who judge instead of dance.

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