Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Angus The Young and running down the alley

ANGUS THE YOUNG turned 5 months old last week. He's getting a little bigger and calming down, but he's still a puppy and he still terrorizes Tucker, chases squirrels and follows Sheryl everywhere she goes.

My wife should be a dog trainer, because she's worked wonders with Angus in a short time. When she says "No bark," he stops barking. When she says "down," he gets down. When she says "jump on the bed and lick your dad's face because it's time to get up and he's a lazy so and so," Angus jumps on the bed and licks my face.

And Angus helps keep Sheryl warm!
But ... we still have a long way to go.

This morning we were going to work and Angus was off leash by the car. Instead of jumping in the back seat ("load up" which he typically obeys), Angus decided to bolt down the alley.

We were looking for him when suddenly Jim, our neighbor a few doors down, turned into the alley in the city bus that he drives. Angus, of course, had gone all the way down the alley, but he showed common sense and decorum by hastily scrambling on his little legs back toward us when seeing the bus.

Jim knows us and the dogs, so he patiently waited until Angus was out of harm's way. It's nice to have good neighbors!

So we'll work on keeping Angus on the leash until we get IN the car.

There are days when I'm in favor of Angus catching the city bus, but generally speaking I like the little guy and he's certainly added a lot of life to Hart Manor.

During the day he basically sleeps by Sheryl's feet at the store, chases Fast Eddie, goes for Washington Park walks and entertains customers.

It's his world. Or alley. Hop on the bus, Angus.

Better yet, just hop into the back of the car. It's safer for everybody.

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