Monday, September 22, 2014

House of the Cheeseburger Sun

THE CHEESEBURGERS HAD another interesting weekend. Interesting is putting it lightly.

First of all, a gig is a gig. You are paid to play, and so you play to the best of your ability, even if everybody bolts to watch trucks go bogging through drained ponds. You Can't Make It Up.

Saturday night we showed up at The Elks to play for a class reunion. I thought it was the class of 1984, right up our alley. Then we thought it was 1964. When we showed up, we realized it was the class of 1959.

You know when you show up it's gonna be interesting when five people say, "Please turn it down." Uh ... we haven't started. Yet. "I know, but it's going to be too loud. So turn it down."


Just another Sunday for The Cheeseburgers!
So we toned it waaaayyyy down in the first set and people seemed to be happy enough. As the crowd dwindled we cranked it back up, and the people who wanted to have fun had fun. You'd be amazed at the number of people who like "Brick House" - even if it came out well after they graduated from high school. We got done a bit early, the organizers were happy, and we went home for a few hours of sleep before doing it again Sunday.

This time it was in Hannibal for the Hannibal County Club party. It was a smaller and older group but they were really into it for a while.

Among the five of us, we probably know about a million songs. Sometimes we'll do requests if it's the right place, and Sunday was the right place. A gal begged us to play "House Of The Rising Sun," so Burt dialed up the lyrics, we figured out the key and chord progression, and we pulled it off.

And they fed us after the gig.

We are busy in October - click here for our schedule. More Cheesey adventures await, I'm sure.

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