Monday, September 15, 2014

Church changes

I WENT TO church Sunday night for the first time in months after a busy summer. Vacations and gigs? Sure. But no excuses.

Anyway, First Union Congregational Church finally got rid of the awful carpet in the main greeting area. It was red and just so ... Congregational. Or Christian Reformed. But not Methodist. Hey. A church joke! Don't laugh so loud.

They also moved a long row of photos of previous pastors from the hallway by the offices. If I'm the pastor and I have to look at those pics every day I go to work, well ... I'd want them moved, too.

First Union has a long and proud history in Quincy. There is nothing wrong with celebrating the past. But wallowing in the past is part of issues with churches these days.

Good for Rev. Chuck Hetzler and the church for doing little things to move forward. And big things.

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