Monday, September 29, 2014

Mosquitoes and not scratching your back

THE GIRLS FROM Avenue Beat put on two great shows this weekend. Saturday night at the lovely home of Dave and Shari Brown, Sam, Sami and Savana wowed a big backyard crowd. Dave and Shari were gracious hosts and the girls made some much-needed cash for their November trip to Nashville, when they are recording at the famous Blackbird Studios.

That's not a bug on the left. It's just Avenue Beat's Grandmother Willow.
Sunday afternoon was a blast at The Dock. But the girls once again learned a valuable lesson - you can never be too prepared for anything to happen.

The Dock is a very cool outdoor bar along the Mississippi River. But around 6:30, the mosquitoes started coming out, and they were hungry.

Sam Backoff was playing guitar and singing when she started making faces. Turns out a big old blood-sucker, and I don't mean a Nashville record label executive, landed on her shoulder and started going to town.

"Well, I couldn't stop playing," Sam said. Well ... you could of. But you are young and a trooper and you just kept going, which is a good thing.

She turned around and there was a nasty welt on her shoulder. Fortunately a well-prepared fan came up and doused the girls in bug spray, and the gig was finished without further blood-letting.

So. The Dock. River. Mosquitoes. Bug spray.

Every gig has a story, girls. Every gig.

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