Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lake Michigan video love

SHERYL TOOK SOME awesome video during our Lake Michigan weekend. It takes me back and makes me laugh.

We have an annual tradition when we're on the beach - it's called the Goony Race. You line up and act as silly as possible when jumping into the lake. It serves two purposes - one, the lake can be a little chilly so it's good to run as fast as you can until you go under, and two, being silly is an art and should be taken very seriously, so I'm good at it.

Also, we learned Angus, our puppy, loves to swim. He wouldn't go into the lake due to the crashing waves, a good thing since the undertow is pretty strong, but he loved diving into the creek just down the beach. And he met some new friends!

I can't believe we are into September already. I'll be watching these videos when the weather turns and I'll keep dreaming of summer beach weekends.

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