Monday, October 19, 2015

Benefits and how they work

SHERYL AND I had a lot of fun at the Washington Theater show Saturday night. Avenue Beat, Matt Roberts Band and Dave Chastain were fantastic. The acoustics in there are something to behold and I commend the organizers for putting it on.

Dave Chastain ROCKS!
Unfortunately. the crowd was small. One person in particular wasn't happy with the turnout and said he couldn't understand why there weren't more people in the theater. "We did everything right with advertising and PR," he said.

When it comes to benefits, advertising and PR will only take you so far.

"Well, we gave a bunch of tours to the Tin Dusters in the afternoon and they loved it, and they said they'd be back," he said.

They didn't come back. They never come back. Tin Dusters is a good event for Quincy, but they aren't going to spend money on a show on Saturday night. They. Just. Aren't.

It cost $15 to see the show, or $10 if you bought tickets in advance. In Quincy, for this type of event, $15 is way too much. It's still a bargain, and in the big city it would cost you four times as much, but we don't rock the chair very hard in Q-Town.

There was no alcohol involved. I understand why - Avenue Beat features three talented 18-year-old performers, and one of the groups putting it on is affiliated with a church. The Matt Roberts Blues Band and Dave Chastain are HUGE draws with the bar crowd. ($5 at the door is often a stretch and even then you better be serving alcohol.)

But if you don't have beer, or don't let people bring beer in, well .... it doesn't work.

After watching the show, we went up the street to One Restaurant. The amazing Tri Point Paradox was playing and the place was packed to the rafters. There was no cover charge.

Let's do the math - great band, free admission, booze. And a packed house.

There are more great events planned at the Washington Theater. I would love to play a show there and promote anything the theater does.

If the price is right and the beer is cold, they will come. Promise.

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