Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Don't change the way, er, order, that you vote

LAST NIGHT AT the City Council meeting, aldermen were subjected to voting out of order. Since the dawn of time, alderman have voted from the 1st Ward and up - the 1st Ward aldermen voted first, and the 7th Ward folks voted last.

In other words, they are used to certain people voting in a certain order.

It was suggested by a younger alderman that they shake the order up and have a random voting order. The city clerk agreed, then missed last night's meeting when the new way of doing things was implemented.

But other aldermen didn't like it. They were caught off guard, forgot to turn on their microphones when called, and just generally annoyed at the new procedure.

I completely understand.

We have Breedlove, not Epiphone...
Why, when I go to church, I always sit in the same seat. Same with my long-gone school days. At the courthouse, I try to find basically the same area to sit.

I take the same route to work. I use the same plan of attack at the grocery store - start on the right side, work my way to the left.

This whole doing things differently is dangerous. It could lead to new perspective, keep people unnecessarily on their toes and force others to not follow the line.

The next thing you know, Second String Music will be offering a new brand of guitars and moving stuff around in the store to make it roomier and easier to navigate.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again - Quincy is a rocking chair community. You rock too slow, people don't like it. You rock too fast, they get up in arms. Nice and steady, that's the way to go.

Even I will vote for that, no matter when my name is called.

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