Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Last-second musicians

ALEX SANDERS, WHO always has big ideas, came up with a great one the other day. How about a Facebook page for last-second musicians?

At least once a week we get calls at Second String Music from people looking for a band, a duo, a solo performer, a piano player. Sheryl and I know enough musicians in the area and we can usually refer the request.

Alex and Angus, both full of great ideas!
When you get busy and play in four bands, you book months in advance. Every now and then you might have a Friday or Saturday night open and can fill in at the last minute. My advice to people looking for live music - and there are tons of talented performers here in the Q-Town - is to book early. But sometimes stuff happens and there isn't much time.

The Facebook page is called Midwest Emergency Musicians, and it's already paid off - there is an event Friday night and a musician was needed, and the need has been filled.

Good for Alex. Second String Music totally supports this idea.

Alex has another dream about a battle of the bands, but with a huge twist. More info coming .....

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