Friday, October 2, 2015

Vicki Genfan at SSM


SECOND STRING MUSIC is proud to have award-winning performer and Luna Guitars endorser Vicki Genfan give a free performance and clinic on Oct. 16, two weeks from today.

The clinic is from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. It's for all guitar players, regardless of skill level or musical tastes. Vicki is a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist you have to see to believe - I love the guitarists who operate way off the spectrum of regular strumming and humming. She uses 29 alternate tunings and a percussive technique she calls the "slap-tap."

You'll learn about composition, open tunings, guitar percussion and you'll get a chance to try new things on your guitar.

We have beautiful Luna guitars in stock, including the Vicki Genfan endorsed model. 

I am getting a huge kick out of the rider for her performance. We'll need to save space in front of the store for her van - this is on Tin Duster's weekend, so we are up for the challenge. We'll have a PA system set up if needed, fresh fruit and tea, a table for merchandise. I'm in awe ... when The Cheeseburgers play, we just need a tub of beer and a table for Frank Haxel's lightboard.

I'm an old strummer and hummer. It's amazed me how much stuff is out there to learn - inspiration is just around the corner. When I see players like Vicki Genfan, Tommy Emmanuel and Andy McKee, you wonder how they evolved and honed their talents.

But if you hang out with them, you realize they are just like us - they are guitar players, and they have a passion for playing.

Even if you aren't a guitar player, you'll want to check this out. We can't wait to meet Vicki and pick her brain, and see and hear what makes her so amazing.

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