Tuesday, May 10, 2016

G Dawg and tillers

THE LEGENDARY GREG Ellery came over this morning to borrow our tiller. He's doing a little landscaping around his house and needs to move some earth.

Or maybe he needs it for his play this weekend. He's starring in "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike" at the Quincy Community Theatre and we have tickets for Saturday night. If Greg is in it, it's going to be good.

We are fortunate to have live theater and a passion for the arts in Quincy. There's nothing quite like it. There are cities five times our size that don't have nearly the quality of entertainment options like theater and live music.

Greg is one of the good guys around here. His sense of humor and timing are a bit different and twisted, which is even more reason to love the guy. And it might be why we are kindred soulmates, if not brothers from another mother.

If he shows up to the bonfire with cold PBR, you are in for a night of stories and laughter.

Perhaps we will see our tiller on the QCT stage this weekend. It wouldn't surprise me. Or maybe he's planting a shrubbery or grass. Who knows?

We love the G-Dawg and we encourage everybody to go see the play this weekend, and next weekend.

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