Friday, May 13, 2016

The gift of music, and the surprise on Mother's Day

IT CAN BE difficult to purchase a musical instrument as a gift. Take the guitar, for example. We always encourage you to play a guitar before you by it. Roll the dice if you buy online - I will spare you the horror stories we hear almost on a daily basis from people taken to the cleaners and getting a piece of junk in the mail. (Don't get Sheryl started on the economics of sending your money out of your hometown!)

We at Second String Music encourage the purchase of music as a gift. And we'd like to tell you it's easy, fun and makes a lot of sense.

Here are two examples. Yesterday, a mom and dad were looking for a birthday present for their son. He has a starter acoustic-electric and wanted to upgrade. One pluck of a Breedlove guitar, and they were sold. They've just made a young man very happy and the experience was hassle-free.

Last week an older woman came in looking for a guitar. She's started playing again and wanted something with a pickup to use in her church services. She came in twice and finally decided on a gorgeous Luna guitar, and vowed to come back when she had the cash.

Well, her daughter found out about it and gave her contact info to Sheryl. She planned to come in once we knew exactly which guitar her mom wanted. The whole time her mother was looking, I knew the daughter and her family were purchasing the guitar. It is very difficult to keep this kind of secret but somehow we succeeded. Mother's Day was extra special - the mom had no idea we'd been working behind her back.

You can't go wrong giving the gift of music, especially with our help!

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