Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Phones and customer service

AT SECOND STRING music, we not only help you with your musical needs, we also save your life. Especially if you lose your phone.

Yesterday afternoon a young man came into the store and fell in love with one of our awesome consignment items, an LTD EC 1000 guitar with Seymour Duncan pickups. He played it for a while and then headed out for the evening, but he left his phone behind.

I won't mention the young man's name, but his initials are Josh Lawless. The phone wasn't locked, so Sheryl looked up the last text message. It was from Matt Lawless, of Fielder and La Cosa Nostra fame and a Second String Music legend. Josh is an awesome player too, of course. He is one of those Lawless boyz.

Sheryl texted him and they were in the process of figuring out how to get the phone to Matt, who was out at the K of C playing volleyball, when Josh returned to the store just as we were leaving.

"I figured you were probably taking a bunch of naked selfies on it," he said to Sheryl. They laughed.

Let's face it - cell phones are the glue that holds our tenuous grip on reality together. I've misplaced mine a few times (fine, a bunch of times) and it's a sinking feeling. Josh even let Sheryl finish texting his brother to let him know we had found Josh. What trust.

So we were glad to save Josh's phone, and make sure the world kept spinning. We sell instruments, do maintenance and repair, and return lost items. All in a day's work at Fifth and Maine!

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