Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Five years at 5th and Maine

GEESH. HAS IT really been five years since we've moved from Eighth and Washington to Fifth and Maine?

Yup. You'd think we'd have a party or something to celebrate. Maybe we'll just remember the move and tell everybody we are happy as clams downtown.

I remember that it was really hot the weekend we moved. The Cheeseburgers had a gig that Saturday night somewhere, so Sheryl packed everything up without me getting in the way. The next day I corralled the crew and Alan Lawless showed up with his "Great White Buffalo" truck to get the big stuff.

I was amazed at how much room we had - we could move around without running into stuff!

Eighth and Washington is still vacant, sadly. The price just got dropped. I know the Realtor and she is awesome. It would make a great space for a specialty business.

The moral of the story is .... don't blink. It goes by waaaaaayyyy too fast.

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