Monday, June 26, 2017

Top 10 Rock & Roll Recovery Tips

WELL, NOBODY GOT hurt and nobody died. There may have been a pulled hammy or two, but we survived another glorious rock and roll weekend.

Of course, recovering is the thing, innit?

Top 10 ways to recover from a rock and roll weekend ....

10. Sleep until Tuesday.
9. Make the dogs serve you breakfast in bed.
8. Move. Very. Slowly.
7. Watch Live With Kelly and Whoever. Dumb it down. Don't think.
6. Take advantage of Aspirin sale at grocery store.
5. Put rubbing alcohol on tips of sore fingers. And on sore head.
4. Take comfort in the fact Frank Haxel isn't moving fast today, either.
3. See No. 7, only substitute Tiny House Hunters and HGTV in general.
2. Man, there is dog hair everywhere in our Calftown house. Wait a second... dog hair? Hair of the dog?
1. Take comfort in the fact you get to do it again this weekend!

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