Monday, June 12, 2017

The MacGyver of Quincy

SHERYL HAS A new nickname after saving another musician from the perils of equipment malfunction - The MacGyver of Quincy.

Friday night in Washington Park, Hurricane Ruth performed before a packed house. The drummer wandered into the store about two hours before showtime because he'd forgotten his rug to put his drums on, so we let him borrow one. It's what we do and the drummer was thrilled.

He was back about an hour later. Seems his snare stand was broken and he needed a quick fix. So Sheryl dug out her drill, duct tape and a screwdriver. Together they figured it out, and that's how he came up with the nickname. The rest of the band came over to enjoy a little Green Room hospitality and they were thrilled with the big crowd and the park vibe.

Sheryl is very good at diagnosing and fixing guitar and random instrument issues. We also have excellent resources and people who can do the bigger jobs.

Tools of the trade.
A few years ago, the Rockin' Jake band was in town for Blues In The District, and the bass player, Cleveland, came in with his bass almost in pieces. Sheryl spent nearly three frantic hours putting it back together, just in time for the show.

Sheryl likes the nickname. I think it fits too! Hurricane Ruth and her band put on a great show and we even got off the sidewalk a few times. In fact, the band came over and asked if they could get a bottle of red wine for after the show - so I headed to Tiramisu, and Roberto of course had what we needed. I even delivered it to the stage.

Here's to hoping Hurricane Ruth and her band had fun Friday and remember us in little old Quincy, Illinois. I guarantee the band will remember MacGyver over at the music store.

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