Monday, June 5, 2017

Q-Fest and leaving my brain at Fifth and Maine

WHAT A GREAT weekend yet again at Fifth and Maine - this time, Q-Fest took over the streets around Washington Park, and it was a blast.

Q-Fest was formerly called the MidSummer Arts Faire, and it used to take place at the end of June. There was so much other stuff going on this weekend, yet it didn't seem to hurt the crowds. The street party Saturday night was wall to wall on Maine Street between Sixth and Fifth. And the Sunday attendance was the best I've ever seen.

Steve leading the Drum Circle
Certainly weather drives an outdoor event, and we had good weather. The musical performers in the Washington Park gazebo were well-received, and the revamped placement of artist tents around the fountain was well-done, too.

There were fewer artists than normal, to be expected when you switch dates. I thought it was easier to navigate and check out all the art - Sheryl got some great jewelry from our friend Mary Beth and found some small metal sculptures, too.

I walked into Jamie Green's tent to find he'd done a drawing of our building, so I bought it - we'll get it framed and hang it proudly in the store.

There are always things to tweak and make better. I'd like to see Fifth and Maine stay open until 6 Friday night instead of closing at 4 - it's only for a couple of hours, but it can be a big thing for a small business like us. I will say we had a big day Saturday, and the event drove traffic into the store - we even did a little business Sunday.

The street concert Saturday night was awesome - the band Members Only tore it down and it was nuts. I did feel bad for the opening band and for the guys setting up in the afternoon - perhaps facing the stage east would make it easier instead of baking in the sun, and maybe move it back up toward Fifth and Maine. Or use Jail Alley for the stage and flow everything in from there. Ideas.

Early Street Party Shot, Thank you Mike Sorenson
These are minor things and I know the Q-Fest committee will be reviewing things, after everybody gets some sleep for a change. And it amazed me how clean the park and the streets were all weekend - people who care make a difference. Everywhere I looked Saturday night, people were putting cans and cups into trash containers, not just throwing them on the sidewalk.

So, congrats to Maggie Strong, Kayla Obert and the army of volunteers who make this one of Quincy's best events.  Let's do it again! After we get some sleep, of course.

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