Tuesday, August 1, 2017

All aflutter over tweeting

I FINALLY JOINED the 20th century and got on Twitter last week. Sheryl set it up. It reminds me of a long time ago when Emily signed me up with this newfangled Facebook thingy. What a passing fad THAT was, right?

Anyway, I am now on Twitter. I am still not sure what the point is, though I am beginning to "follow" other people and things. I just followed some news organizations and my twitter "feed" is blowing up with news about Mooch and Smooch and Doosh and various other things that rhyme with Ooosh. It's kinda cool. Look at me "tweeting" and stuff!

Look. If the guy who is our president can dictate policy and tell us how wonderful he is, why can't I use it to push my worldview and tell you how to act and feel? Win!

Sheryl says she gets all her news from Twitter. When we drove up to Michigan 12 days ago, she was on Twitter with her phone and it was fascinating - we were getting news literally seconds after it was happening. My, how the world has changed. I remember deadlines and waiting until the next morning to finish a story. Who cared? Nobody was going to see it until the presses rolled.

God. We were just a bunch of Neanderthals. How did we ever live without tweets and posts and clicks and internet?

When I get done with this blog, I will go to the little bird thing at the bottom and click on it, and this blog link will immediately appear on my twitter feed. Then I will tweet about it. Fly, Robin, fly. Free as a bird, and look at me soar over my domain!

What? I have to have "followers" first? Also, I have a "handle" and it's HartyRRot. So follow me HERE on Twitter to see this blog post first! The irony. Sheryl is HERE.

Just click and tweet. The world will catch up, someday.

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