Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Back at Fifth and Jersey

IT'S BEEN FIVE years to the day since I left The Whig. I don't miss it. I do miss some of the people I worked with, and the five years have flown by. I laughed when reading about it here. Geesh. Five years?

One year ago I went back to work a few nights a week in sports. Last night I went back for my second year of taking calls, writing up short stories and working with some of the younger guys. We were busy and the three-plus hours flew by. It was just like falling off a bike.

Steve Eighinger was working last night. I hired him nearly 20 years ago, you know. I fell off my chair laughing when he told me stories of the latest Quincy Raceways follies and his grandkids. Matt Schuckman was slaving away doing fall sports previews. Same old Schuck ... between him and sports editor David Adam, there isn't anybody who knows more about our local sports scene and the rich history of Quincy sports.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. I'm still doing it for peanuts, or, more accurately, beer money, but that's OK. Every little bit helps, and it's good to stay sharp and challenge myself.

In the immortal words of former sports editor and reporter Don O'Brien (who I also hired 20 years ago), "Whig Whig, baby!" It's good to be back.

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