Wednesday, August 2, 2017

You are in the way, tall guy

THERE ARE A lot of advantages to being 6 foot 7. You can see over crowds, tell when it's raining about an hour before the rest of the normal humans, and you can stretch banners across windows and reach cereal bowls on top of cabinets.

There are disadvantages. I would like to trade my back for a front. I have the scars on my head from forgetting to duck. And I get in the way.

Then again, when dealing with difficult people (like when I was a crime reporter, or at Macker tournaments), I try to stand right in front of them and look down. It works every time.

Here's a  great story from NPR about tall people at concerts. I admit it, I've been to many shows and had better views than anybody else. But I always try to be aware of people around me, especially if it's starting to rain and I can warn them.

A year or so ago we saw The Who in St. Louis and I we had floor seats, but we stood the whole time. I made sure the people behind me were good and could see. I tried not to move too much from side to side. I don't really think about being so tall, and most of the time it's an advantage, but there is such a thing as courtesy and being nice when you are in front of somebody.

Thank goodness I don't have a "cereal box head" to make it even worse.

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