Thursday, September 7, 2017

All Dressed Up

I HAVE A MEETING today with a local institution, relating to our business. It's something Sheryl and I take very seriously and I'm trying my best to be prepared.

So, I got up this morning and I did something I haven't done much of the last five years, namely, put on a nice pair of pants and a nice shirt.

Hey - this guy is wearing my shirt!
I think it's important to look good and professional. But I spent 24 years of tucking my shirt in (most of the time) and it's just as important to be real. I'm not fooling anybody by coming to the store in a 3-piece suit. Sure, you'll have to appreciate my Cheeseburgers allegiance and know how many guitars I have by the number of different guitar T-shirts I wear, but that's part of being in the bidness.

We were at State Street Bank this morning and Bobbe White commented on the fact I was "all dressed up." It took a moment for it to sink in, before I realized I wasn't wearing white socks.

It's kind of cool, actually. Looking good is feeling good. GQ ain't calling soon, or ever, but I still tuck my shirt in and try to make a good impression - as long as it's just once in a while.

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