Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Interesting music store questions

WHEN YOU OWN a music store and there is a big sign on the front that says "Music Store," you get a lot of people coming in and asking questions. A lot of them say, "I know this is a dumb question, but ...."

There are no dumb questions. If you don't know, you don't know. If I go to buy a watch or a birthday present for my daughter (Happy Birthday today Emily Hart!), I'll be asking dumb questions, too. It's okay. Ask away and we'll try our best to answer.

Lately we've been getting some, well, really interesting questions. So here's a list. You can't make it up, even in a music store. Ah, the adventure of retail and owning your own business!

1. What are string winders for?
2. Do you have any left-handed pan flutes?
3. Can I pawn my typewriter here?
4. Is this a bank? (To be fair, it was a bank, and it still says "Bank" above the front door).
5. Can I have your cat? Is he dangerous?
6. Why doesn't this kazoo work?
7. Really? You have to plug it in and the light has to come on?
8. Can I just have this guitar? I'm broke this month but I promise to make payments when I get my check.
9. I'm looking for 501 Maine. Why is there no 501 Maine? (Look for 510 Maine, please.)
10. Do you have Zumba CDs?
11. I just bought this guitar online and it doesn't work. Does it cost anything to fix it?
12. Why can't I play Stairway To Heaven? Wayne's World? What is that?
13. Is Frank Haxel here EVERY Friday afternoon?
14. Can I charge my phone in here for a minute? Do you have a charger?
15. Why is there a dog bone in the middle of the floor? (Fair question, actually, if you haven't met Angus.)
16. Does Rodney really need all those guitars?
17. Don't you think it would be good exposure for your band?
18. Is there an instrument Steve Rees can't play?
19. Why aren't you organizing more free concerts in the park?
20. Wait a second .... you mean I can park all day just down the street for free?

See how it can be very entertaining to own a small business in a relatively small town? We enjoy every day and always find the humor in the many questions we may have to answer. Come down and ask us a stumper!

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