Thursday, September 14, 2017

Blog writing in bars

I TRY TO write a blog every day, or at least Monday through Thursday. Sometimes blogs write themselves. Other times it's a struggle and the screen stays blank for a long time.

Routine is important - I try to do it first thing when we get to the store. It doesn't always happen, and there are days where it gets done a few sentences at a time.

This is an image of a blinking cursor...
Last Friday I was playing at Revelry, and Kellie Mast came in, got a glass of wine and started pecking away at her phone. This isn't unusual - people tend to peck at phones at all times, no matter where they are.When you play a solo acoustic gig in a bar, you are mostly background music and it's not about the audience going crazy, or even knowing you are there. It's more fun when they do, but I just like to play. I don't worry about all that other stuff.

Kellie was actually writing a blog, using her phone. For her, sitting in a bar watching somebody play and sipping wine is a way to motivate her and get a blog done. Whatever works.

There might not be a more helpless feeling in the world than starting at a blank screen. The idea is the key, and getting started in the toughest part.

Well looky here ... I'm done with another blog!

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