Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lotsa stuff, staying organized

WE ARE BURSTING at the seams with guitars and music stuff. Already we have people looking for the dreaded Christmas present, and right now the floor is full of great gear.

We think it's full, anyway. Yesterday a man came in and looked around and commented about how open and clean everything looked. It was a very nice compliment, and Sheryl has a sharp eye for display and how to make things look good.
What seams?

We have a room behind the counter full of stock and guitar boxes. The other day I went back there and took all the empty guitar boxes to the bank vault space, and Sheryl reorganized the stock. Now we can actually find stuff without looking too hard and it's a good feeling to be ready for a hopefully busy time.

Maybe it's in the water. On Sunday I went through a closet at the house and pulled out vintage Gus Macker shorts and shirts, old jeans and a bunch of other stuff. We also had a extra bag of sheets, blankets and pillows, so a trip to the Salvation Army helped us unclutter.

Unclutter? Yup. Unclutter. Not only is it a great name for a band, it's a great way to describe staying organized.

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