Friday, September 15, 2017

Yes, we do have lefties!

That looks... Wrong.
FOUR OR FIVE times a year we have somebody come into Second String Music and ask if we have any left-handed guitars. The answer is yes - we always have at least one left handed acoustic Ibanez and one left handed Ibanez Gio electric, both great guitars.

I wish we had more in stock, but they simply aren't in huge demand so we carry what we can and special order lefty's for our customers.

The other day a loyal customer ordered a gorgeous lefty Takamine acoustic, a GN-51, and it arrived today. We also hooked him up with a lefty Ibanez hollow body a few years ago, and he is over the moon with his guitars.

There is a raging debate about playing lefty versus righty. I'm fine either way, and I have a really good lefty student who bought an Ibanez acoustic from us. We've even restrung guitars upside down for left-handed players, though it's not generally recommended.

Most of our guitar brands offer left-handed guitars, and we're glad to order stuff - it only takes a few days, and you don't have to worry about warranty or shipping issues.

Left or right, it's still rock and roll to me!

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