Friday, September 22, 2017

Living Downtown

OUR GOOD FRIENDS Chris and Victoria Kelley have moved into a downtown loft and are throwing a party tonight. Sheryl and I are going early and I'm eager to see the new Kelley digs.

We get asked a lot about our building and if we have apartments. The answer is no. It's always been zoned commercial and it wouldn't be cheap to convert the space. Never say never, but for now we have no plans for residential use.

I think it would be cool to live downtown. You could walk everywhere and there are lots of decent restaurants and bars. Now a place at Seventh and Maine has opened called the Yum Factory and it's another nice addition to The District.

We have a great house in Calftown, and having three dogs makes it tough to live without a yard. We are a mile away from the store. So there's no need or desire to move downtown, but I think it's great there's a push for better housing in the downtown core area of Quincy.

The District is the place to be. We have our share of challenges but there's no other place for Second String Music, and for people who live down here.

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