Thursday, April 25, 2019

Acoustic Singer amps have arrived

SECOND STRING MUSIC just got new Boss Acoustic Singer amps. They. Are. Amazing. We have the 60-watt version and it retails for $499.00.

Now, you might think that's a lot for a small 60-watt acoustic amp. This thing, however, is far more than an amp. It's two channel so you can plug a microphone and guitar into it, an included foot-switch and it has a looper and an amazing harmonizer.

I've heard a lot of singers used harmonizer pedals and most have really flat and processed tones. Not this one. You can add delay and reverb to it and add a fifth harmony above your main melody. It has three settings, high, melody and low. It's loud enough for small venues and can be plugged right into a PA system too.

We have a good store customer who was using the Fishman Loud Box amp. He heard the Boss and said, "I'm getting this instead."

Here is video of local guitarist Spencer Smith, who teaches at Vancil Performing Arts and plays for local band Raised On Radio. He was impressed with the amp and made it sound really good yesterday afternoon.

If you are interested in taking your acoustic guitar playing and singing to the next level, check it out at Fifth and Maine!

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