Thursday, April 18, 2019

Angus turns 5

ANGUS SPENT HIS fifth birthday at Second String Music getting doggie massages and putting up with silly photo sessions. He curled up under the table in my lesson room and later passed out for a couple of hours while we strummed and hummed. Lately he's been going to the coffee shop next door and waiting patiently for the employees to give him treats. Brianne calls Angus her "work buddy" and gets some pretty good selfies with him.

Much of the time he sleeps at Sheryl's feet under the counter. He'll get up to greet the delivery guys and the many customers who demand to see him. He's had a little hip issues lately, common with Corgi and Cattle Dogs, and we had our vet take a look and prescribe a little pain medicine. He seems to be doing better. Of course, Angus is 35 in dog years so maybe this is all part of his mid-life crisis.

At home, Angus hangs out with the two cats and his adopted brother and sister. Genie and Tucker run like the wind on their daily excursions and Angus faithfully scoots his little legs as fast as they can go to keep up.

One of his ears still doesn't stick up, meaning he only half listens. He grumbles when asked to do something he doesn't want to do. He gets a little jealous when people hug, and he's very patient around children.

In other words, Angus is our irascible and loving Corgi Cattle Dog. We couldn't imagine life without him. Happy birthday, ya little bleep, and here's to many more!

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