Friday, April 5, 2019

Ooh La La

CORI LYSSY SOMETIMES surprises me with her song requests. Often it's grunge 90s or obscure 2000s or just plain weird songs I've never heard.

"We are not doing that song," I say.

"Yes we are," she says.

No. We. Are. NOT.

Yes. We. ARE.

NO. What key is it in?

Aside for having to explain to her that several Weezer songs are actually classic 80s songs, and the chorus in "Africa" is sung five times at the end, it usually works. Of course last week at a gig she had to explain how my iPad worked and how to find songs I thought I saved but had disappeared but were actually right in front of my face. Guh.

Her latest suggestion is"Ooh La La" by The Faces, Rod Stewart's classic 70s band. Geesh. What a great song! And only two chords. I've been using it in lessons and trying to play the little melody part while strumming, which I'm lousy at.

Careful. It's an earworm. It's popular right now because it was in a commercial where the girl gets dropped off at college and she misses her dad and she tells some robot device to play her dad's favorite song. Up pops Ooh La La. Get it?

We are at a couple of parties the next few weekends and then play at Revelry in Quincy on Friday, April 19, starting at 9 p.m. We are also back at Red Light in Quincy on Saturday, May 11, from 2 to 5 p.m. for a special Mother's Day deal.

Man ... I wish I knew then what I know now - playing music is fun! Especially when you save the words and know how to use your iPad.

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